Velones Cristal

Our main vocation is the manufacturing and comercialization of candles for the religious community and general public.

Cristal was founded in 2003, looking for a business initiative and economic autonomy, and that is how VELAS Y VELONES CRISTAL S.A.S was formed. It started with a traditional handmade line.

Later, some internal processes were improved, allowing for sustainable growth, where the company could be formally constituted.

With our experience, knowledge and innovation we want to reach all of the customers with products made of high quality natural materials and that are environmentally friendly.

We accompany our clients in their experience of faith, through the light represented in our candles which are of excellent quality.

Cristal will be a highly positioned company and strategic ally in the market development for its customers, Recognized for its quality, innovation and strength by its consumers.

Responsability: We work hard to fulfill our commitments
Respect: We embrace diversity and value our differences as people.
Teamwork: we unite talent and effort in the achievement of the common goal.
Innovation: We’re constantly developing new products to stay current.

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